Weekend of Roma visits…

This weekend we found out that our car ( a well-used Skoda) had a problem and we could not drive it till it had a diagnostic and repair ( that was done today with Kata’s help in translating). Our good friend Jozsef came all the way to Batonyterenye to pick us up to take us all to eastern Hungary for a loaded weekend of visits and speaking, before back-tracking to Hatvan to pick up Gabor Tatai, our translator for the 2 days. In all, we enjoyed visiting in about 8 Roma homes and 3 churches in 4 different areas in the eastern part of Hungary. Romas tend to be very hospitable, even when they have no heat in their homes, they still somehow manage to make and serve (strong!) coffee. Starbucks could take notes on this stuff! It is nearly impossible to turn down the offering, so we were all pretty caffeinated by each evening.

Ron shared a most unique presentation from the Book of Luke about Jesus’ calling of His disciples from fishing for fish to fishing for people’s hearts as a story in a number of the Roma churches, with Gabor’s excellent translating ability. the Romas usually have written their own music, and between their appreciation for the truth of the story and the joy they express through the music, we were all encouraged with the fact that even when life is most difficult, the Lord supplies ways to get through and to change things. This is a rare privilege to gain insight and have relationships which will allow us to help these needy people by God’s enablement and the priciples of the CHEnetwork. Even though it was really cold, inside and out, our hearts were warmed by the honesty and openness of these people.

We are so thankful that the trip, fellowship and sharing of Jesus’ love provaed to give us much additional knowledge for our work with CHE and the Romas. Also, we are thankful that our car is repaired, and that the difficulty with it was not as serious as we first thought. We are thankful for the prayers of our faithful friends.

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