Reménység Festival Brings Hope

On June 1,2,3 the long-awaited, prayed-for and prepared-for Reménység (Hope) Festival with Franklin Graham took place in Budapest.  Each night over 12,000 Hungarians packed the Papp Laszlo Stadium and overflow rooms to hear inspirational Christian music and a straightforward Gospel message from the son of Billy Graham.  The Holy Spirit moved powerfully as 1500+ seekers responded to the invitation to receive forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.


Since you were not able to be there with us, I took some video footage on my ipod touch for you.  Check it out at  It’s pretty exciting to see so many people coming to Christ at once.


Jeannie and I had the privilege of attending on Friday night with the folks from the Hatvan Reformed Church.  Our hearts were filled with joy as we saw our brothers and sisters from the Roma church of Kékcse respond to the gospel call by bringing their neighbors and friends forward to pray to receive Christ.


On Sunday our bus from Batonyterenye was filled with many who had never heard the good news, including a number from our ESL class.  The stadium was so filled that we could not sit together as a group.  Jeannie and I and Zoli and Judit Padar had to sit far away from everyone else.  When the invitation was given, so many Hungarians stood up that we could not see which ones from our own group responded!  We went down and stood at the edge of the crowd on the floor and waited to see who would emerge!   It was so exciting as we saw one after another from BT walk out of the mass of people, with a Gospel of John follow-up booklet in their hand and a smile on their face!


Could this be the spiritual breakthrough we have been praying for for so long here in Batonyterenye and in Hungary and among the Roma?  This week we are inviting those who were on the BT bus plus others to attend our Alpha Banquet next Tuesday.  There they will have the opportunity to sign up to take the Alpha Course that will occur during the next ten weeks.  Pray for all to attend the banquet and to sign up.  This will be an excellent way to do follow up and to help them develop the good habits of praying, reading their Bibles, attending church, being in a small group, worshiping and much more.

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