God, You Take My Breath Away!

Sometimes God’s timing and His works of convergence are breath-taking!  I had one of those take-your-breath-away experiences just recently.  Some of you have been praying with us about how to introduce Community Health Evangelism and its concepts of “wholistic” missions ministry to the Hungarian Reformed Church, the largest Protestant body in Hungary.

One Tuesday in July I received an e-mail from a CHE (MEK in Hungarian) Steering Committee members.  It contained an article written by Rev. Dani Eszter, a Hungarian Reformed pastor who had just spent a month this spring studying “holistic” ministry in the Philippines!  My committee member informed me that Rev. Dani was to become the new Outreach Secretary for the Reformed Synod and suggested that I meet her.  Good idea.  But how?

 I was at the Reformed retreat center in the Matra mountains for the week, speaking, listening to Hungarian and … retreating.  Who should walk into the dining room at lunch the very next day?  Yup!  Rev. Dani Eszter!    Dr. Tatai Istvan, a close mutual friend, introduced us to each other!  What a wonderful two-hour conversation we had!  Rev. Dani is an energetic, passionate young woman and leader who already has a long, rich resume in working with the Roma. It was so encouraging to know that Rev. Dani was soon (in September) to head up the Reformed Church’s missions ministry.

Ron, Jeannie and Jozsef Csuhai speak at Roma Consortium

In fact, one of her first endeavors was to convene a Consortium on “Holistic Ministry” for all Hungarian Christian agencies and workers involved in Roma missions.  Over 50 agencies signed up for the event held last Friday, September 7 at the Synod headquarters in Budapest.  Rev. Dani gave me the awesome privilege of joining a very experienced team of presenters from the Philippines and India.  My job was to show how Community Health Evangelism could provide those in attendance with the tools, training and materials to begin or enhance their own “holistic” ministries.  Now you see what I mean by breath-taking!  You can see my presentation at http://diakonia.hu/images/misszioiiroda/programok/2012.09./15/video.mp4

 Please pray that God will continue to open doors like these and give us the opportunity to share how Community Health Evangelism can help Churches, Pastors, Denominations and Mission Agencies in their efforts to win and disciple the poorest of the poor.

Pray for Rev. Dani Eszter in her new position of influence within the the Hungarian Reformed Synod.

Ron, Jeannie and Jozsef Csuhai speak at Roma Consortium

to be willing to take CHE training and become part of the world-wide movement to do missions to the whole man.

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