The Passive Solar Greenhouse Now Has Skin!

When you last saw the greenhouse at Grassalkovich Vocational School in November, It looked like an enormous, metal, whale skeleton!  It was decided at that time to wait until spring and warmer temperatures to cover the passive solar greenhouse framework built by the school faculty and students and our NAB Gateway Fuse Team.


The passive solar greenhouse “whale skeleton” without skin.

The outer poly skin has now been added and the agriculture students and faculty are utilizing the greenhouse to grow vegetables.  In the fall, they will add an inner poly layer as well.  This layer will keep the fall and winter heat in by reflecting inward the infra-red heat rays and providing an air insulation barrier.


The skin is on!

One of the agriculture teachers, Magda, expressed her joy with the new, large greenhouse.  “Because of the design, we have plenty of room to stand up, right to the side walls, while we work,” she explained in Hungarian.  The structure provides for efficient use of space for planting and gardening.


A look inside “the whale.” The black wall is the heat sink which will collect and radiate solar energy in the fall and winter.

The MEK team is hoping for a few free tomatoes this summer!

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