CHE Teams in Central Europe Set Up A “War Room”

Every Wednesday morning at 7:30 CHE Team Leaders from east, west and central Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria head to “the War Room.”  No, they are not under military attack or terrorist alert.  But they are engaged in warfare of a very serious nature.


Miss Clara in her War Room, from the Movie “War Room”

Inspired by the recent Christian film, War Room, which CHE team members and students watched one evening at last February’s TOT1 Training Conference, they recognized that, just like in the film, they too are engaged in terrific spiritual battles as they work to enter the impoverished and spiritually oppressive environments of many Roma villages.  They also realized the need to put on the full armor of God and to take up the weapon of prayer more diligently.  In order to encourage and intercede more effectively for each other, they decided to set up their own on-line video War Room prayer meeting.

No time is spent sharing prayer requests.  Instead, each participant prays for those areas where they are engaged in tough spiritual battles.  Others listen and then intercede for them as well.

Much time was spent pleading with God for significant spiritual break throughs to take place when short-term teams came to work in our communities this summer and during the village evangelism campaigns in September.   We are encouraged by the wonderful answers to our prayers and yours as we struggle together in Jesus’ matchless name against the forces of darkness.

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