Yes, God is expanding CHE Work in CE and the Balkans During the Pandemic!

The Covid 19 virus infection rates continue to ebb and flow in each of the countries of Central Europe and the Balkans.  Consequently, so do the opportunities to do village work for each of our CHE EuroNet teams in these countries.  However, we are experiencing encouraging openings and advancements in a number of regions.  Here are a few exciting reports.

North Macedonia — Pastor Jimmy Polikarp and his CHE Teams have barely missed a beat during the pandemic.  The team of Adams, Marija and Tevche are holding well-attended CHE community meetings in the villages of Przdevo and C. Bregovi.  The people of Przdevo have chosen their Community Leadership Team and C. Bregovi is not far behind.  The next step will be to disciple and train these leaders to guide their community through personal and community transformation in Christ.  Dimce and Alit are seeing similar progress with the Roma in Meksiko and Three Bagremi where 60 people recently prayed to receive Jesus Christ.  Meanwhile, Stojan and Zorica have begun CHE entry into the village of Trebotiviste.  CHE Training modules 1 and 2 (called TOT1 and TOT2) will be held in North Macedonia this fall.  Please pray that more Roma Muslims will come to Christ and find hope in Him for a new life.

Baptisms in North Macedonia

An open-air CHE community meeting in North Macedonia

Bulgaria —  CHE EuroNet has formed a “New Expansion Projects” Working Group to pray for and seek out new regions to begin CHE Teams and community outreach and development projects.  This is leading us to new connections with people of similar vision in Bulgaria where we have long wanted to begin work.  Pray for a gathering of Bulgarian Christians to attend a CHE TOT1 course in spring of 2021.

Serbia — Klara and Emil Dudas of REZ Serbia recently held a disciple-making, team-building retreat with the family of their “CHE Champion” in the Roma section of the village of Nadalj.  This was a totally new experience for Zoran, Ivana and their children as they went to a retreat facility, prayed, studied the Word, played and ate together.  They now have a vision for reaching their neighborhood for Christ.  This week, Klara and Emil held a vegetable canning workshop and Bible study for the community to teach how to prepare food for the long Serbian winter.

Family retreat in Serbia

Klara, upper left, leads canning project in Nadalj, Serbia

Albania and Kosovo —  New CHE community programs have reached the Community Leadership Team training stage in Sector Seman and Mbrostar Ura, Albania.  A south Serbia CHE Team is in the process of forming.  Patriot Hoxhaj and Agron Aga, Directors of MAI Albania and CHE Albania respectively, will soon visit pastors in Kosovo who are very interested in rescheduling a TOT1 that was cancelled last March due to the Pandemic.

Hungary —  The MEK Hungary central team has begun holding weekly Bible study meetings in Boldog with those interested in planting a church in their community.  Please pray for this.  The team is also engaged in upgrading the Boldog community center by hooking up plumbing and electricity and putting on a new, rain-proof roof.  Members of this team will also begin formal CHE entrance in the village of Apc where they have done children’s work for 2 years.

Church planting Bible Study in Boldog

Putting a new roof on the Boldog Community Center

Bosnia —  EZZ Bosnia, under Director Sasha Cipra has been able to hold community meetings in Kiseljak, their long-term project outside the city of Tuzla.  The Friday night New Life group is growing.  The team is also reengaging with the people of Moznik by assisting them in building a soccer field.  Sasha asks for your prayer for this village where there is currently stiff resistance from some to their Christian presence there.

EZZ Bosnia helps build a soccer field in Moznik.

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