MEK Hungary Begins a New partnership with Gödöllõ Baptist Church

A vision was given by God to Sandor Kovacs, a Hungarian born in Romania:  to mobilize the Church to transform the poor communities Hungary and Romania by the mighty power of God and His Word.  His willing church in Gödöllõ, Hungary struggled for many years, without much success, to see this vision realized.

Two years ago Sandor shared his unfulfilled vision-burden for the poor and unreached of his city with Ibolya Palinkas, a quiet, small lady with great energy from God.  Ibolya, who now serves on the Board of MEK Hungary, suggested that Sandor contact MEK Hungary Staff Member Feri Oláh and learn about Community Health Evangelism (CHE).  

When Sandor and the leadership of his church heard the CHE strategy of MEK Hungary from Feri and MEK Director, Laci Daroczi-Csuhai, two visions meshed.  From its very start in 2013, MEK has been on a mission, not only to begin CHE programs in impoverished Hungarian villages, but to mobilize, train and equip Hungarian-speaking churches to do the same.

Because of Sandor’s vision, MEK Hungary is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Gödöllõ Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Levente Lyõrik, to do Biblical-based community development in three impoverished communities around the city of Gödöllõ.

Sadly, Sándor Kovács went home to be with the Lord in late September, but his son, Attila, has picked up his father’s dream.  Atilla, Pastor Levente and András Szabó will lead the CHE program for Gödöllõ Baptist Church.  The MEK Team assisting them will consist of Laci, Feri and his wife, Juli

Leaders of the MEK-Gödölló Baptist Church (GBC) Partnership, left to right: Attila Kovács (GBC), Lace Daroczi-Csuhai and Feri Oláh (MEK), András Szabó and Pastor Levente Lõrik (GBC)

The first CHE Program is planned for the 3000-member Roma community in the Gödöllõ area, followed in the future by development work in Valko and Isaszeg, with a population of another 2000.  This is a huge vision for a church of 80 people!   However, under Pastor Levente’s guidance, this flock is very active in ministry and mission.

“They are so excited and filled up with hope and vision and dreams,” said Laci, describing the church’s response to CHE strategy.  “They can’t wait to start the new way of ministry.”

It will commence on November 4, when the church leadership team begins Thursday on-the-job trainings in Gödöllõ with the MEK Team.  This will be followed by two weekends of intensive CHE training in February for volunteer church members.  Then community entrance will begin in earnest.

You can partner with your MEK Team by praying…

  • for the start-up of leadership, on-the-job training, November 4.
  • that many Gödöllõ church members will be able to take the 2-weekend training in February.
  • that, as the leaders do door-to-door visitation, they will find God’s “persons of peace” who will help them gain entrance into the community.

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