…they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. Isaiah 61:4

JustASeck is the website of Ron and Jeannie Seck.

Ron and Jeannie are North American Baptist Conference mission representatives working with the poorest of the poor in Central Europe (Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, etc.). We hope you will take just a sec (or longer) to learn how God is working through our growing teams to meet our NAB Conference goals.

to reach the NEXT Nation

to impact the NEXT Community

to equip the NEXT Generation of Leaders


An Open Letter to Our Supporting Partners about Extending Our Term of Commitment

Recently, Jeannie and I received a letter from a member of the mission committee of one of our faithful supporting churches.  She asked questions that some of the rest of you may be thinking.  When we originally launched our mission ministry into Hungary and Central Europe we talked about a five-year commitment.  It’s hard for us to believe that it is 2016 and we are already beginning our fifth year here.  Her question was, “Is this your last year?  Will our support of you be finished?”  

The answer to the first question is “no.”  The answer to the second question is, “If you can continue to support us, we will need it.  If you cannot, we understand.  Just let us know.”  Here is a copy of the letter I sent to her in reply (with a few alterations to protect privacy):

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for your inquiry about our term of commitment.  Yes, we have just started our fifth year of ministry here in Central Europe.  Little did we know when we started that it would be such a great adventure and open door of opportunity or that our health and stamina would still be so good!  

We have decided that we will continue our work into the foreseeable future.  Last year I became leader of our Balkan/Central Europe CHE Network that has launched a vision campaign to begin CHE Teams and community outreach projects in every country of the Balkans and Central Europe by 2020.  God is opening the doors and Jeannie and I would like to be part of the team that sees this happen.  We continue to look for our future replacements within the NAB family.  I would like to have a few years to train them up in community development and mentor them in their roles in this field.  

Over the next five years, I have decided, with counsel from the International Office, that my own work in this whole program will change.  I have been a pioneer and equipper and trainer and team-former these last four years.  In the future I will be working more on developing sustainable partnerships between NAB Churches and our new teams and projects in Central Europe.  This will mean spending a little more time traveling in Canada and the US and a little less time here on the field.  The Lord has given me good leaders that I have been training up here in Europe, so I can now take the time necessary to make certain all of this is sustainable in the future, God willing.  So, I would like to ask you to consider continuing to support Jeannie and me as we answer the Lord’s call here.

Thank you for your interest and prayers,

Ron and Jeannie

Jeannie stands puzzled outside an establishment called "Che's Lounge" in Tucson, AZ. As far as we could tell there was no community development going on inside!

Jeannie stands puzzled outside an establishment called “Che’s Lounge” in Tucson, AZ. As far as we could tell there was no community development going on inside!

We knew we were on to something though. Across the street was the "Hippie Gypsy."

We knew we were on to something though. Across the street was the “Hippie Gypsy.”

Recent Blogs and Happenings:

IMG_1879On February 21 to 26 we held our largest CHE TOT1 introductory training conference ever for workers from 6 nations.  We taught an English-language and a Hungarian-language TOT1 simultaneously.  Read about it on the  Happenings page. 

IMG_1903Ron recently returned from facilitating two Vision Seminars in Sofia and Sliven, Bulgaria.  Wait a minute!  What’s a Vision Seminar and why did you do it in Bulgaria?  Click on the Happenings page to learn more.

IMG_1897In just one month we will be unveiling our new Developing Sustainable Resource Partnership course for CHE workers, teams and boards in Central Europe and the Balkans.  Find out why this is hugely important on the Happenings page.

2015 was a great year of progress for CHE in Central Europe and the Balkans.  Click on the Annual Report icon in the right-hand column to read about the past, present and future.


Up-coming Trainings & Development Projects:

March 18-19   CHE Vision Seminar in Osijek, Croatia.

April 6 to 8  Conference on Urban CHE and Neighborhood Transformation in Paris, France.

April 15 to 20  “Developing Sustainable Resource Partnerships” Course at Balatonföldvár, Hungary.  See the article on the Happenings page for more information and directions on how to register.

April 22 to 27  Developing Sustainable Resource Partnerships” Course at Tirana, Albania.  See the article on the Happenings page for more information and directions on how to register.  

May 2 to 7  The International Wholistic Missions Conference at Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Go to http://www.wholisticmissions.com for information about this terrific once-a-year conference.  Ron and Jeannie and many other CHE personnel will be presenting there.

Contact Ron Seck at ronseck@me.com if you are interested in attending any of these events or in hosting your own event.


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