JustASeck is the website of Ron and Jeannie Seck

Ron and Jeannie are North American Baptist Conference mission representatives.  Ron is also Community Health Evangelism’s Central Europe Coordinator.  We are working with the poorest of the poor in Central Europe and the Balkans. We hope you will take just a sec (or longer) to learn how God is working through our growing Community Health Evangelism teams to develop…

Wholly Healthy People

Wholly Healthy Churches

Wholly Healthy Communities

They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. Isaiah 61:4


 Recent Blogs and Happenings:

IMG_0312 June and July mean summer teams in Hungary!  Our NAB Gateway Team from Alberta and Idaho had an exciting adventure in Zsambok and Boldog.  See their story on the Happenings page.  

MEK Hungary and Gateway Teams will be running some awesome short-term team projects in 2018.  We need teachers, athletes, sheet metal workers, welders, carpenters, greenhouse builders.  Find out why and when on the Happenings page.

TCD-VillagesOne Million Villages in the world are still unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Learn how CHE and our Central Europe and Balkan teams are working to meet the “Million Village Challeng on the Happenings page. 


Up-coming Trainings & Development Projects:

June 24 to 26 — NAB Summer Team outreach in Zsambok, Hungary

June 27 to 29 — NAB Summer Team outreach in Boldog, Hungary

August 13 to 19 — Proclaim! Ministries Music Camp and Concerts in Zsambok and Boldog.

August 20 to 26 — Proclaim! Ministries Music Camps and Concerts in Serbia

August 31 to September 15 — NAB Work Team in Boldog.



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