…they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations. Isaiah 61:4

JustASeck is the website of Ron and Jeannie Seck.

Ron and Jeannie are North American Baptist Conference mission representatives working with the poorest of the poor in Central Europe (Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, etc.). We hope you will take just a sec (or longer) to learn how God is working through our growing teams to meet our NAB Conference goals.

to reach the NEXT Nation

to impact the NEXT Community

to equip the NEXT Generation of Leaders


Recent Blogs and Happenings:

received_575340525984573 Get the update and view pictures from the recent evangelism crusades in the villages of Boldog, Retkozberencs and Kékcse, Hungary.  Just click here on  theHappenings page. 



Taking a trip to Egypt


The Summer Team from Steamboat Rock, Iowa made quite an impact with the Roma children in the villages of Vacegres and Boldog.  Let the pictures tell the story on the Happenings page.


Version 2Last April Bela qualified for a CHE revolving, micro-enterprise loan to expand his live-stock business.  It’s nice to see the business growing on the Happenings page.

2015 was a great year of progress for CHE in Central Europe and the Balkans.  Click on the Annual Report icon in the right-hand column to read about the past, present and future.


Up-coming Trainings & Development Projects:

October 14-28 Ron and Steve Schwan travel to Serbia, Albania, Hungary and Romania to produce CHE Team videos to help develop more sustainable partnerships.

October 22-23 MEK Hungary annual business meeting and family retreat at Balatonfölvár.

November 10 to 13 — Developing Sustainable Partnerships Course in Tuzla, Bosnia.

Contact Ron Seck at ronseck@me.com if you are interested in attending any of these events or in hosting your own event.


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